Ttukseom Hangang Park (한강시민공원 뚝섬지구(뚝섬한강공원))


139, Gangbyeonbuk-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 광진구 강변북로 139 (자양동)




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Ttukseom Hangang Park was a famous resort site even before its rebirth as part of the greater Hangang Park. The park consists of various amenities: music fountains, a riverside square, a rose garden, playground, and a nature learning center.

Overlooking Hangang River, the Riverside Square is the venue for a diversity of cultural events and performances. Using a technology in which light is bounced off the water, the 'water screen' (installed on the main stage in the square) shows movies or cartoons from 20:00 to 22:00 during the holidays.

The park boasts an exquisite cultural complex called Jabeolle (J-Bug), offering plenty of art and rest facilities as well as a magnificent view of the Hangang River. Conveniently located near Ttukseom Resort Station, Jabeolle houses a café, tea house, and gift shop, as well as exhibitions by media artists.

Ttukseom Hangang Park is open all year round and has a variety of attractions that change with each season. During the summer months, visitors can enjoy the thrill of windsurfing, waterskiing, and motor boating. In the spring and fall, the park has a number of seasonal flower exhibitions. In winter, sledding and skating await.

In addition, the park offers facilities for X-Games, artificial rock climbing, cruise ships, a Saturday Flea Market, a nursing mothers’ rooms, and women's lounges, making it a popular place for Seoul citizens.




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Parking Facilities

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Available Facilities

[Sports facilities] Soccer field, basketball court, tennis court, badminton court, football field, physical fitness center, gate ball field

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[Water sports site] Motorboat, water skiing

[Swimming pool]

[Windsurfing site]

[Convenience facilities] Snack bar, water fountain, children's playground, nature experience site, sun shades, rose garden



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