Mangusan Mountain (Seoul) (망우산(서울))


69, Yongmasan-ro 112na-gil, Jungnang-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 중랑구 용마산로112나길 69 (망우동) 일대




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Mangusan Mountain spans across Mangu-dong and Myeonmok-dong of Seoul, and Guri-si of Gyeonggi-do. It is 281.7 meters above sea level. Located on the mountain is Mangu Cemetery, which was designated as public cemetery in 1933. Since its designation, many popular people have been buried here including children’s literature author Bang Jeong-hwan (penname: Sopa), independence activists Oh Se-chang and Han Yong-un, and Ji Seok-young who pioneered the use of the smallpox vaccination in Korea and was also a Korean linguist. In addition, tombstones bearing chronological listings of seven popular poets and one educator were installed at the park, making the cemetery a venue for historical education. The poets includes Park In-hwan, Mun Il-pyeong, Seo Byeong-ho, Seo Ong-il, Oh Jae-young, Seo Gwang-jo, and Yu Sang-gyu and the educator is O Geung-seon. The park also has Sin Gyeong-jin Sindobi, a cultural asset designated as Seoul Tangible Cultural Property No. 95. It is a monument of Sin Gyeong-jin, an official scholar of the Joseon Dynasty.

Also in the park is a 5.2km long circular road. It was named the “Thinking path”. The name was selected as a public competition held in May 1998. There are other facilities including the urban environment and nature observation road, a wooden gazebo, and a mineral-water spring. Thanks to the well managed trees and clean air, the park is visited by many citizens who are seeking for place to rest in a natural park.


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