Gwanaksan Mountain (관악산)


Daehak-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul
서울 관악구 대학동




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At 629 meters in height, Gwanaksan Mountain is the symbol and pride of Gwanak-gu district in Seoul. Most of the cultural heritages of the district originate from Gwanaksan Mountain. Since it was designated as a city natural park in 1968, it has continued to serve as a favorite place for relaxation and excursion for Seoul citizens. The various rocky peaks and the deep valleys give the mountain a rugged feel. The mountain's size and close proximity to Seoul make it easy for Seoul residents
to visit in a single day.

In the spring, cherry blossoms are in full bloom near the entrance to the mountain, and a Rhododendron Festival is held when the rhododendrons are in full bloom. At the mountain's summit are Wongaksa Temple and Yeonjuam Hermitage, which were built by Taejo Yi Seong-gye (the founder of the Joseon Dynasty) to ward off misfortune when he decided to move the capital to Seoul. There are also other temples and hermitages, and a ground radar observation post. Yeonjudae Hermitage, located atop a cliff, is where all the hiking trails of Mount Gwanaksan meet.




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Hiking Course

Course 1
140min): Gwaneumsa Temple Ticket Box → Dwaejibawi Rock → Yeonjudae

Course 2
30min): 1st Square → Acacia Dongsan Hill → Ogyucheon
→ Sujung Dongsan Hill → 4th Campground

Course 3 (2km,
80min): 4th Campground → Yeonjusaem Spring → 3rd Ggalddak
Hill → Yeonjuam Rock → Yeonjudae

Course 4 (0.9km,
15min): 4th Campground → Yongcheonsu → Jeolgu Mineral Spring →
Samgeori (3-way Jun.) → Muneomi Hill

Course 5 (1.9km,
65min): 2nd Square → Royal Azalea Dongsan Hill →
Samakjeong → Samgeori (3-way Jun.) → Ggalddak Hill 

Course 6
(0.8km, 25min): Royal Azalea Dongsan Hill → 2nd Ggalddak Hill →
4th Campground

Course 7 (2.8km, 70min): Senior's Zone → Dolsan →
Yongamcheon → Gukgibong → 1st Campground

8 (1.5km, 55min): Hwalteo → 3rd Campground → 2nd Campground → 1st Campground

Course 9 (1.4km, 50min): Samseongsan Mt. → Seongji (Holy Land) → Samho Mineral
Spring → Songam Mineral Spring → 1st Campground

Course 10 (1.2km, 40min): Samgeori Mineral Spring → Geobukbawi Rock → Sammaksa

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