Geumseonsa Temple Stay (금선사 산사체험)


137, Bibong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 종로구 비봉길 137 (구기동)


Traditional&Cultural Experiences/ Temple Stays


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-Temple Stay: +82-2-395-9955
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Geumseonsa Temple, which is located at the foot of Samgaksan (Bukhansan) Mountain, is within easy access from downtown Seoul. The temple is placed in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountain rocks and green pine forest. Geumseonsa Temple offers three types of temple stay: quality rest, Buddhist cultural experience, and temple life.






Activity Information

Program Details

1. Experience Program (weekends)

Doryangseok (morning waking up chant), Morning Yebul (the morning Buddhist ceremony), Chamseon (Zen meditation), Baru Gongyang (formal monastic meal), Wullyeok (working together, making joint efforts), Dadam with monks (talking with monks over a cup of tea), Bukhansan Mt. trekking (making lotus lantern in case of rain), Hoehyangsik (closing ceremony), Ipjae (cleansing body and mind) & guide, Doryang guide, Yebul statement/Banya Production ceremony, Evening Gongyang (evening service), Evening Yebul, 108 prostration, meditation & Pohaeng (walking slowly in meditation)

2. Quality Rest Program (weekdays)

Morning Yebul, Free Meditation, Morning Gongyang, Sasi Yebul, Lunch Gongyang, Ipjae & Free Meditation, Evening
Gongyang, Evening Yebul, Free MeditationQuality Rest Program focuses on the relaxation and the quality time of your own.If you want to have a talk with a monk over a cup of tea, please let the temple know in advance.

3. Temple Life

Unlike other Temple Stay programs which are scheduled more than a day, the Temple Life program is rather short and concise. For about three hours, participants visit a temple and take part in a couple of programs, which you may choose out of a wide selection of programs ranging from temple tour, Chamseon (Zen meditation), 108 prostrations, talk with a monk over a cup of tea, making lotus lantern and so forth.

If you wish to join the program, please call in advance for schedule setting and program selection.
* Temple Stay Secretariat: +82-2-395-9955

4. Time for Temple Stay

It is highly recommended that you are present by 15:00-15:30. Temple Stay is a 24 hour program, thus you may leave the temple after the lunch on the second day.

5. Shower accessories, towel, pajamas, a change of clothes and walking shoes, personal cup should be prepared.

* It's cold in the morning and evening times.

Please bring T-shirt and cardigan or coat, muffler, participants can put the training uniform on.

* Don't bring any valuables.

Parking Facilities


Admission Fees

The Recuperation Temple Stay (weekdays): 50,000 won (Room to oneself: 70,000 won)

The Experiential Temple Stay (weekends): Adults 50,000 won (Children: 40,000 won)

- 3 days cancellation notice: full refund

- 2 days cancellation notice: 70% refund

- 1 day cancellation notice: 50% refund

- No refund for cancellation on the day of program



Facilities for the Handicapped

Not available

Reservation Info. for Natives

General inquiries
and reservation can be made by calling at +82-2-395-9955.