Bukhansan National Park (Seoul) (북한산국립공원 (서울))


Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul
Jongno-gu, Gangbuk-gu, Seongbuk-gu, Goyang-si
서울특별시 강북구 ,은평구, 종로구, 성북구, 고양시


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Bukhansan Mountain was officially designated as a national park in 1983. The Bukhansan National Park covers both Bukhansan and Dobongsan Mountains, and spans the total area of 80.699㎢. At the top of Bukhansan Mountain are Baegundae Terrace (836.5m), Insubong Peak (810.5m) and Mangyeongdae Terrace (799.5m), which gave the mountain the nickname "Samgaksan" or the "three-horned mountain". The mountain had other names: Sambongsan (mountain with three peaks), Hwasan (flower mountain), and Buaak (mountain shaped like a person giving a baby a piggyback ride). The current name, Bukhansan, was given as the Bukhansanseong Fortress was built under King Sukjong of Joseon Dynasty.


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N/A (Open all year round)

Mountain Not Access Period

Period of restricted access for fire-prevention and natural scenery maintenance, natural environment protection, and forest protection

Spring: February 15-May 15 / Fall: November 1-December 15
* TBD by park directors based on fire weather advisories, precipitation levels, and other local conditions. Refer to the official website.

Restricted Mountain Areas

Darakwon Entrance-Eunseokam (1km)

Natural Preservation Areas (closed to public)

* Jeongneung Ravine-Bottom of Cheongsu Waterfall-Sujungbo-Neopjeok Bawi-Cheongsu Waterfall-30m Above Cheongsucheon-Bottom: until 2026
* Insucheon (Boundary between Hanilgyo Bridge-Jeonggyeongdae): until 2026
* Bohyeonbong Peak and Hyeongjebong Peak (Hiking Path Excluded): until 2011
* Harujae above Uui Shelter, Above Ggalddak Pass at Ggalddak Pass Crossroad: until 2011
* Harujae~Ggalddak Pass: until 2011
* Uui Ravine (200m Below Uui Office-Gubaekun Ticket Booth): 2026
* Gugi Ravine (Gugi Office - Rest Area No.4): until 2026
* Yeongchang Ravine (Pyeongchang Ticket Booth No.2-Above Dongnyeong Waterfall): until 2026
* Sagimakgol Ravine Entrance~Bridge to an Army Base: until 2027
* Songchu Ravine (Songchu Railroad Bridge 3, Obong Three-Way Intersection): until 2026
* Tongilgyo Bridge~Seowongyo Bridge~Ravine on the Right Side of Geumgangam: until 2028

Parking Facilities

Available (Bukhansanseong Parking Lot, Jeongneung Parking Lot)

Available Facilities

Hiking Information Center, Bukansan Mountain Management Office



Parking Fees

Bukhansanseong Parking Lot, Jeongneung Parking Lot

Light-weight cars: 500 won for the first one hour / 100 won for each additional 10 minutes / 5,000 won for 9 or more hours

Small & Mid-sized cars: 1,100 won for the first one hour / 300 won for each additional 10 minutes (peak season) / 250 won for each additional 10 minutes (off season) / 13,000 won for 9 or more hours

Large-sized cars: 300 won for the first one hour / 500 won for each additional 10 minutes (peak season) / 400 won for each additional 10 minutes (off season) / 20,000 won for 9 or more hours