The K Art Hall (Formerly, Seoul Center of Education and Culture) 더케이 아트홀


70, Baumoe-ro 12-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 서초구 바우뫼로12길 70 (양재동)


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The K Art Hall (Formerly, Seoul Center of Education and Culture) is located in Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu district. The natural surroundings are beautiful, and the air is very clean. The center has one basement floor, and eleven floors above ground. Its main facilities include the main theater, which can provide for an audience of 1,000, the Culture Center, Art Exhibit, Education Promotion Center, and the Sports Center. Outside the building are the Grass Square, Sculpture Park and Drive-in Theater. The main theater can hold a variety of performances such as plays, dances, movies, operas, musicals, and others. There are frequently performances for children as well. At times, the theater is used as an international stage, as in the case of the Russian Leningrad Ballet company’s performance in 1991. The Culture Center has guest quarters and convention halls, and so is often used for conferences. The Sports Center has an indoor gymnasium, a swimming pool, health and aerobics rooms, a bowling alley, and a golf practice range. The facilities here are used primarily as a resting area. One unusual facility is the outdoor Drive-in Theater. Called “Karma 21,” the theater can accommodate a total of 250,000 cars. Each car is charged 15,000 won a ticket. Usually the latest releases are shown here. The theater is located in “Yangjae People’s Grove” Park, which boasts a very clean environment. It is the perfect spot to relax while enjoying a movie in the fresh air.

Subsidiary Facilities

Parking Lot, Drive-in theatre, Sports Center, Park etc.

Admission / Participation Fees

Prices vary according to program /performance

Parking Facilities

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Parking Fee

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L – 10,000 won for bus / 5,000 won for cars with 15 seats or more

※ Free within first 15 mins

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