Nanji Hangang Park (Nanji Camping Site) (한강시민공원 난지지구(난지한강 공원))


162, Hangangnanji-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 마포구 한강난지로 162 (상암동)




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(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

• For more info: +82-2-3780-0611~2

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As part of the Hangang Renaissance project, Nanji Hangang Park will be transformed into an eco-friendly theme park that should attract visitors from around the world.

The Park will feature the Nanji Eco-Wetland, Nanji Campground and a marina. Also, there will be a specially designed area where visitors can enjoy extreme sports such as inline skating and BMX. A riverside swimming pool, the Water Plaza, and a riverside stage will be set up as well. Visitors will be able to relax and take a leisurely stroll around the park.

The fully equipped Nanji Campground will open first in August 2009. The campsite is complete with all the items and facilities needed for camping, such as 24-hour-shower rooms, tents, and BBQ grills. This camping site is open to everyone.



Operating Hours

11:00-10:00 (the next day)
※ Check-in is available from 10:30.

Maximum Occupancy

680 people

Parking Facilities

545 parking spaces

[Parking Fees]

1,000 won for the first 30 minute / 200 won for additional every 10 minute

* 10,000 won for the maximum fare / 50,000 won for monthly parking fee

* Operating hours

April-October 09:00-23:00
November-March 09:00-21:00

*Free parking fee during public holidays and Sundays

Admission Fees


Available Facilities

[Sports Facilities]

Baseball field, football field, futsal field, basketball field

[Water Play Facilities]

Mirror water fountain, riverside pool, music water fountain of swimming pool (June-August), water-skiing, yacht site

[Other Facilities]

Nanji Camping site, bike road, bike rental shop

[Convenience Store]
Snack bar, water-drink site, shading shelter, bike storage, etc.

Facility Utilization Fees
* Campers who bring their own tent:

15,000 won for 4 people (3,750 won for additional persons)

Campers who bring their own tents are still required to make a reservation

* Campers who rent tents

1) Online reservation

▶ Family type tents - 28,000 won
(includes 1 tent, 4 mats, admission fees for 4 people and set-up and maintenance costs)

▶ Pavilion-style tents- 40,000 won
(includes 1 tent, admission fees for 4 people, set-up and maintenance costs and flat bench)

▶ Cabin tent for 6 people - 40,000 won
(includes 1 cabin tent, 6 mats, adimission fees for 6 people and set-up and maintenance costs)

2) Phone reservations (only for groups)

▶ Indian tents - 60,000 won for 15~20 people

▶ Mongolian tents (L) - 50,000 won for 6~10 people

▶ Mongolian tents (XL) - 60,000 won for 15~20 people

▶ Hexagonal tent s- 50,000 won for 10~13 people

※ These prices do not include admission fees, use of platforms, and basic camping supplies

* Tent rental fees (not including admission fees)

1) Tent for 4 people - 6,000 won

2) Indian tent (for 15~20 people) - 60,000 won

3) Mongolian tent (for 15~20 people) - 60,000 won

4) Mongolian tent (for 6~10 people) - 50,000 won

5) Hexagonal tent (for 10~13 people) - 50,000 won
※ To rent a tent, online reservations are required.

* Other facilities

1) Blanket - 1,500 won

2) Mat - 1,000 won

3) Flashlight - 1,000 won

4) Grill - (XL) 25,000 won / (L) 12,000 won / (M) 8,000 won / (S) 6,000 won

Baby Stroller Rentals

Not available


Permitted at the park
* Pets must be on a leash and cleaned up after at all times.
* Pets are not allowed at the camp site.