Hongneung Arboretum (홍릉수목원)


207, Cheongnyangni-2 dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul-si
서울특별시 동대문구 회기로 57 (청량리동)


Recreational Forests/ Arboretums


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Hongneung Arboretum is a first generation arboretum in Korea. It was established in 1922 when experimental forests were built on Hongneung burial mound, which is the royal tomb of Queen Myeong-Seong. On the 780 square meters area southwest of Mt. Cheonjangsang, there are 9 gardens such as a garden of conifers, a garden of broadleaf trees and an ornamental garden, 3 botanical gardens with edible & medicinal plants garden, an aquatic garden and a wetland garden. There are 6 resting places as well.

Hongneung Arboretum has beautiful scenery for every season. The garden of broadleaf trees behind the main building is the one that shows the change of season most dramatically. The hundreds of broadleaf trees appear their best in autumn. The arboretum is good for nature education walk because of the many nameplates offering information on the species and characteristics of each tree. There are also many things to see at the Forest Science Exhibition Hall which provides visitors with knowledge and information of the value of forests, forestry, and the forest industry. The building itself is an exhibition because the hall is made of Korean wood. Inside, there are three general exhibition rooms, a regular exhibit hall, a planning exhibit hall, and a special exhibit hall.

You may look around from Garden 1 to Garden 9 in regular order or take the course from Garden 2, pass the Forest Science Exhibition Hall to the mountain ridge ending at Garden 1. Note that it takes approximately 3 hours to see everything, whichever course you may take.


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Korean Info. Service

[Forest explanation]

Operationg hours: Saturday & Sunday 10:30, 14:00 (twice a day)

Duration: 1 hr 30 min

Location: Beotnamu (벚나무) rest area in front of Forest Science Hall

* Summer season: March-October

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Reservation must be made two weeks before visiting. (+82-2-961-2552)

Reservation Info. for Natives

Reservation is available via phone and online.