Changdeokgung Injeongmun Gate (창덕궁 인정문)


99, Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 종로구 율곡로 99 (와룡동)


Palaces/ Fortresses/ Gates


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Serving as the main gate of Injeongjeon
Hall, Injeongmun Gate was established in 1405 (5th year of King Taejo’s reign during the Joseon Dynasty). Later
on, the gate was destroyed by multiple fires during the Imjin War (Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592),
therefore current form of the establishment displays designs that
are more often seen in the late 19th century's. In addition, a lot
of subsidary marks and buildings are removed from the original places and relocated
passing the time, however, still remains to represent prestigious ambience.

Injeongmun Gate served as the place for several coronation ceremonies of kings,
prince's succession of throne, and many other national affairs celebrated
by the royal members who gathered and aligned around this gate.



Current Status

Treasure No. 813 (Designated on January 8, 1985)