Blue Square (블루스퀘어)


294, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 용산구 이태원로 294 (한남동)


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Length of Tour

Varies by performance


Blue Square is a culture complex built by Interpark Group to help advance the performing arts. It opened in November 2011 as the largest performing art hall in Korea. It has a musical theater seating 1,726, a 1,400-seat concert hall with 3,000 standing spaces, and two grand theaters.

Structure Size


Maximum Occupancy

Musical Hall:
1,726 seats (1F: 1,074 seats / 2F: 425 seats / 3F: 268 seats)
Concert Hall:
1,400 seats (1F: 992 seats / 2F: 408 seats)
* Standing spaces: Up to
3,000 seats

Exhibition Hall Information

Musical hall, concert hall, gallery

Admission / Participation Fees

Varies by performance

Parking Facilities

200 parking
spaces (B2-B3)

* Paid Public Parking Lot available (near Hangangjin Station)         

Parking Fee

* Patrons
for performance
5,000 won for 5 hours / 1,000 won for each additional 10min

Parking ticket booth
- Musical hall: Storage locker (Auditorium,1F)
Concert hall: MD booth (1F)


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