Yangjaecheon Stream Trail (양재천길)


Seoul-si Seocho-gu Yangjae-dong ~ Gangnam-gu Daechi-dong
서울 서초구 양재동 ~ 강남구 대치동



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The Yangjaecheon stream (15.6km long) is one of the tributaries of the Hangang River, originating from Cheonggyeosan and Gwanaksan mountains and flowing through the Gwacheon region to Gangnam. The small road and path that run from Dogok-dong to Daechi-dong along Yangjaecheon Stream is known as the ‘Yangjaecheon Stream Gil’.

The Trail is the perfect place to take a drive since the road is lined with around 830 stately metasequoia trees. The walking path that runs along the banks of the stream (known as the ‘streetlight walk’) is a particularly popular date spot, since the trees backlit by the streetlights provide a wonderfully romantic atmosphere.
The ‘Yangjaecheon Stream Trail’ area is famous as well for its bike course that runs all the way from Gwacheon to Gangnam.