Suraksan Mountain (수락산)


Sanggye-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul
서울 노원구 상계동 / 경기도 의정부시, 남양주시




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Along with the other great mountains near Seoul, Suraksan Mountain has its own unique beauty throughout the year. Its cluster of small peaks is reminiscent of Seoraksan or Wolchulsan mountains and among its valleys and peaks, a number of treasures unfold. As you explore the mountain and the surrounding area, you’ll discover Geunnyu, Eunnyu, and Ongnyu waterfalls, Heungguksa Temple (Silla Kingdom), Seongnimsa Temples (Joseon Dynasty), and Gwesanjeong Pavilion.

One of the most popular hiking courses on Suraksan Mountain is the one that starts from Danggogae Station (Subway Line 4) and passes Hangnimsa Temple and Yongguram. In the springtime, the ridge between Suraksan Mountain and Buramsan Mountain is covered with gorgeous royal azalea blossoms.

Suraksan Mountain is located on the border of Seoul, Eujeongbu-si and Byeolnae-myeon, Namyangju-si. Buramsan Mountain is located to the south of Suraksan Mountain and Dobongsan Mountain rises up to the west. Suraksan Mountain is easily accessible via public transportation and is a popular daytrip for residents of Seoul.

Mountain Not Access Period

Spring season (Feb 1 - May 15) / Fall season (Nov 1 - Dec 15)

* During these times, the public is not allowed access to certain mountain areas (in order order to prevent wildfires and protect the natural environment).

※ Dates are subject to change depending on mountain conditions.

Areas Open to the Public

Yeonbulsa Temple (염불사) - Kkalttakgogae Hill (깔딱고개)
Distance: 4km

Dongmakgol Valley (동막골) - Gombawi rock (곰바위) - Dosolbong Peak (도솔봉)

Distance: 4km

Nowongol Entrance (노원골 입구) - Nowongol mineral spring (노원골 약수터) - Dosolbong Peak (도솔봉)

Distance: 5km

Sanggye 14 danji (Apt.) - Gwiimbong Peak (귀임봉) - Dosolbong Peak (도솔봉)

Distance: 5km

Hiking Course

* Surakgol Entrance (수락골입구) - Yeombulsa Temple (염불사) - Saegwangjang Square (새광장) - Kkalttakgogae Hill (깔딱고개)

Distance: 4.2km

* Nowongol Entrance (노원골 입구) - Nowongol mineral spring (노원골약수터) - Nowongol forked road (노원골갈림길) - Dosolbong Peak (도솔봉) - Peak

Distance: 4.7km

* Sanggye 14 danji (Apt.) - Gwiimbong Peak (귀임봉) - Nowongol forked road (노원골갈림길) - Dosolbong Peak (도솔봉) - Peak
Distance: 5.2km

* Dongmakgol Entrance (동막골입구) - Park Management office (공원관리소) - Gombawi rock (곰바위) - Dosolbong Peak (도솔봉) - Peak

Distance: 4.0km

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