Seoul Bangidong Ancient Tombs (서울 방이동 고분군)


San 47-4, Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 송파구 방이동 산47-4 (방이동)


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The ancient tombs in Bangi-dong were discovered during the land readjustment project of Jamsil-jigu District in 1975. A total of eight ancient tombs were excavated until 1976, and the site was restored into a park in 1983. The Bangi-dong area was originally a low line of hills with an altitude of 30-50m above sea level, but it has been made into flatland for urban development purposes. Tomb numbers 1 to 6 lie on the same hill, while tomb no. 7 and 8 are located on another hill a short distance away.

All eight tombs have circular burial mounds. The insides of the a tomb feature a square or rectangular-shaped burial chamber with earthen ground and stone walls, and a passage leading from the tomb entrance to the chamber. However, details of the burial chambers vary by tomb. Most of the tombs had been robbed before the investigation, but a few relics such as plates and pots have been excavated. At the time of excavation, the relics were presumed to have come from the Baekje Dynasty (18 BC-660 AD), but it is now estimated that they date back to the Unified Silla Period (676-935 AD).



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Historic Site No. 270 (Designated on December 28, 1979)


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parking lot next to the entrance of Baekje Ancient Tomb (limited parking space)

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