Seoul National Science Museum (국립서울과학관)


215, Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 종로구 창경궁로 215 (와룡동)


• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

• For more info: +82-2-3668-2200

Operating Hours

09:30-17:30 (Last admission: 16:30)


Mondays (the following day, if Monday is a holiday)


The Seoul National Science Museum
first opened its doors to the public in 1945. It was destroyed during the Korean War (1950-1953)
and was later rebuilt at its current location in 1972. The museum features a range of exhibition halls and hands-on programs offering
visitors an opportunity to experience the principles of science. In addition,
the programs focus on nurturing the creativity of children and helping children better understand science.

Program Information
Green Science Experience Zone
Operating hours: 10:00-16:00 (lunch time: 12:00-13:00)

Participation fees: Free
Description: Making rubber balls, pinwheels,
toy ducks, toy monkeys, and walking toys with easily found materials like paper
wooden chopsticks, and straws.  

Magic Hands
Operating hours: 10:30-16:00
Participation fees: White
3,000 won / Color wax: 4,000 won
Description: Making a model of your hand
in various shapes with wax.
How to participate: In
order of arrival / reservations required for groups of over 30.
+82-2-745-6713, +82-10-5496-6713

Ceramic Experience Class
Operating hours: 09:30-17:00 (lunch time: 11:30-12:30)

Participation fees: 10,000 won~
Description: Designing and making ceramics
How to participate: Advanced registrations required. (10 people per
+82-2-747-8345, +82-10-4339-8345

Admission / Participation Fees

Adults (ages
20-64): 1,000 won / Group: 500 won
Children & Youths (ages 7-19): 500
won / Group: 300 won
* Group: 30 people or more

Parking Facilities


available for buses.
* Parking spaces are limited,
so use of public transportation is recommended.
Cars with plate numbers ending in specific numbers are not allowed to
access the parking lot on designated days: Monday (1, 6), Tuesday (2, 7), Wednesday
(3, 8), Thursday (4, 9), Friday (5, 0)

Parking Fee

* Small cars
(less than 15 passengers):
First 2 hours: 2,000 won
Each additional 30
minutes: 500 won
Daily parking: 10,000 won

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