Gwanmunsa Temple (Seoul) (관문사(서울))


111, Baumoe-ro 7-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 서초구 바우뫼로7길 111 (우면동)


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Located at the foot of Umyeonsan Mountain in Umyeon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Gwanmunsa Temple had its ground-breaking ceremony in 1993 and construction was completed in October, 1998.

The temple site has a total area 6,700 pyeong (22,148.76㎡) with 7 ground levels and 4 basement levels. The temple was constructed with a mixture of modern and traditional Buddhism architecture forms. Inside the temple, cutting-edge facilities are used for various cultural events, conferences, and sacred ceremonies.

Located near Cheonggyesan Mountain, Umyeonsan Mountain, and Yangjaecheon Stream, the temple is near many natural spots visitors can enjoy. In particular, Umyeonsan Mountain (alt. 293m) where Gwanmunsa Temple is located gets its name as the mountain is shaped like a sprawling cow (the Chinese character 'U' (우) means cow). The temple site was chosen as it is considered an auspicious area. Designated as a City Park and managed by Seoul-si, Umyeonsan Mountain has several valleys with clear small fountains and a dense forest with a variety of animals and plants.




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* Today’s Healing (Permanent Program / One Day Program / One Night Two Days Program / Two Nights and Three Days Program)

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Temple basic etiquette, temple guide, lunch, making of lotus lantern, making of 108 Buddhist prayer beads, talking with a monk, and etc.

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