Dream Forest (북서울 꿈의 숲)


173, Wolgye-ro, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 강북구 월계로 173 (번동)




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Dream Forest, previously known as ‘Odong Geullin Park’, is located at Bun-dong, Gangbuk-gu Seoul.
Renovated and reopened on October 2009, Dream Forest is the fourth largest park after World Cup Park(2.76million ㎡), Olympic Park(1.45million ㎡), and Seoul Forest(1.20million ㎡) and the first large-scale green park created in Gangbuk area.

Major attractions of the park include Wolyeongji Pond, Grass Square, Wolgwang Waterfall, Aewoljeong Pavilion, and Chilbokji (confluence of 7 different artificial waterfalls), Event Garden, Children’s Gallery, Wild Grass Garden, Deer Ranch, Exploring Path, Forest Rest, and a water park. Recently, the Changnyeongwigungjaesa estate (registered cultural heritage No. 40) has been restored with other traditional landscape architectures such as a pond, pavilion and waterfall created nearby to double the genuine beauty of Korean traditional park.

On the slanted hill side where used to be sleigh slopes are now turned into a complex cultural space with Northern-Seoul Art Center that houses fantastic-looking observatory, performance hall, book café, and gallery; and a restaurant; jumping fountain; and children’s playground. Dream Forest Observatory where a drama ‘IRIS’ was filmed, provides a fantastic view of Bukhansan Mt., Dobongsan Mt. and Suraksan Mt. to the north while N-tower and Hangang River to the south. Just outside the park that is surrounded by apartment buildings and roads are a cultural exhibition lounge, forest workout space, badminton court and walking path for the residents.


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402 cars
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* Visitor's Parking lot 328 cars (Disabled 20 cars, Large
car 10 cars, Lady's zone 70 cars)

* Cultural center Parking lot 74 cars (Disabled 6 cars, Lady's zone 20 cars)

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Lake, Art center, Cultural center, Wolgwang falls, Grass square, Observatory, Traditional garden, Pocker park, Cafeteria, Walk road, Bike road

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300 won for every 10 minutes

※ Disabled, men of national merit: 80% off

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