Modern Design Museum (근현대디자인박물관)


36, Wausan-ro 30-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 마포구 와우산로30길 36 (창전동)


• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: Modern Design Museum +82-70-7010-4346


Every Mondays, New Year's Day, Summer vacation period, Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) Holidays

Length of Tour

2-3 hrs.


Located in the Hongdae area, the Modern
Design Museum is one of the first design museums in Korea. It opened in March
2008 and exhibits historical records that are dedicated to Korea’s design
development, featuring more than 15,000 items. The items displayed are mostly
from the private collection of Park Arm-Jong, who is a Seonmun University
professor as well as the museum’s director. He has gathered items for over 20
years and has arranged them in such a way that visitors can get a very good
idea of Korea’s modern design history.

Under the theme of “The Big Dipper, 7 stars lighting up the night sky,”
exhibitions are categorized into different periods of time. Section 1:
Inception Stage (Introduction of Modern Western Culture. 1876-1910), Section 2:
Stationary Stage (Slump of Traditional Korean Culture and the Beginning of the Corporate
Era. 1910-1945), Section 3: Incubating Stage (Beginning of Understanding the Utility
of Design. 1945 – 1961), Section 4: Early Developing Stage (1961 – 1976),
Section 5: Developing Stage (Systemizing Design and Development through International
Sports. 1976 – 1988), Section 6: Take-off stage (1988 – 2000), and Section 7:
Maturing stage (2000s and after).


Modern Design Museum


Founding Organization

Director Park Arm-Jong

Managing Organization

Park Arm-Jong, Curator 2, Gyoyuksa

Structure Size

-Site area: 215.00㎡

-Building area: 503.40㎡ (5 ground floors, 1 underground floor)

-Exhibition area: 8 spaces / 162.39㎡ (2F, 3F, and gallery in the basement 95.22㎡)

Maximum Occupancy

50-60 people

Program Information

*Phone reservations require a group of 10 or more people

*Experience programs:

-Making doorplate: Duration 30-40 min. / Fee - 4000 won

-Crafting a jewel box: Duration 30-40 min. / Fee - 5000 won

* (Admission fee are charged separately from hands-on programs.)

Collections Status

Aapprox. 15,000 artifacts (1,600 pieces displayed).

Age Limit for Activities

Open to visitors ages 8 and over

Exhibition Hall Information

[B1F Gallery Modeum]

-A movable design space for special exhibitions and events is available.

[1F Café Elysion]

-A café full of design elements with a relaxing atmosphere, offering a pleasant eating experience.

[2F Permanent Display Space 1]

-Permanent Display Space 1: Features historical records relating to designs, covering from the Enlightenment period (end of the 19th century) to before the national liberation period.

[3F Permanent Display Space 2]

-Permanent Display Space 2: Features historical records relating to designs, covering the period after national liberation to the early 21st century.

[4F Curtion Room]

-An office space for Korean Design Research and Study and the museum’s administration office.

[5F Designers Club]

-A private get-together space for designers where small seminars and discussion can be held.

Admission / Participation Fees

Adults 5,000 won (ages 19 and over)/ Youth 4,000 won (ages 18 and under)

Parking Facilities


Parking Fee



Guided tour for a group of 10 or morpeople requires a reservation prior to visit. (Advised to book 7 days before visiting.)

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