Memorial to the Loyal Dead (호국충혼위령비)


56-33, Gaehwadong-ro 13-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 강서구 개화동로13길 56-33 (개화동)


Architectural & Sculptural Highlights


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When the fate of the nation was hanging by a thread as the North Korean Army launched an invasion of the South on June 25, 1950, about 1,100 officers and men from
the South Korean First Division's 11th, 12th, and 15th regiment retreated to Gimpo and built the last line of defense on Gaehwasan Mountain from June 26 to 30 to fight against a large army
of North Korean soldiers disguised as South Korean men.

Unfortunately, their communication with the headquarters was
cut off and their supply of ammunition and food ran out. As a result, the entire South Korean force was killed by the much larger North Korean army
in a valley around Gaehwasan Mountain. In order to commemorate those who died for the country, the government established the
Memorial to the Loyal Dead on Gaehwasan Mountain in 1994. A memorial service is
also held here annualy on June 28th.

Height: 4.7 meters high

Built by the First Division of the ROK Army, Mitasa Temple



Current Status

Memorial Facility Designated by the Ministry of Patriots & Veterans Affairs - No. 10-2-6 (Designated on November 22, 2002)