Jingwansa Temple (Seoul) (진관사 (서울))


73, Jingwan-gil, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 은평구 진관길 73 (진관동)


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Jingwansa Temple, located to the west of Seoul, is one of the four major temples around Seoul along with Bulamsa, Sammaksa, and Seunggasa temple located to the east, south and north respectively. The temple was dedicated to Preceptor Jingwan in 1010 BC by King Hyeonjong, the 8th king of the Goryeo Dynasty.

During the Joseon Dynasty, King Sejong built a library in Jingwansa for Confucian scholars to visit and read. The temple was reduced to ashes during the Korean War, but since Preceptor Jingwan lead as head priest in 1963, the temple buildings have been restored and renewed over the past 30 years to the present day condition.

The temple consists of Daeungjeon (Hall of Sakyamuni), Myeongbujeon (Hall of Judgment), Nahanjeon, Chilseonggak, Nagawon, Hongjeru, Dongjeonggak, Dongbyeoldang, Yosache and others. Daeungjeon, the centerpiece of the temple, enshrines the god Sakyamuni (the main statue of Buddha) along with Mireukbosal and Jehwagalhwabosal on each side. Myeongbujeon is dedicated to Jijangbosal, Domyeongjonja, mudokgwiwang and Sipdae daewang while at Nahanjeon, the gods of Sakyamuni, Mireukbosal, Jehwagalla bosal, and Simnyungnahansang are enshrined.

The temple is not only neighbor to the beautiful surrounding of Bukhansan National Park, but also contains an impressive collection of cultural and historical properties. It also provides a quiet place for urbanites to enjoy all the while sharing the teachings of Buddha.






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