Buramsan Mountain (불암산)


Sanggye-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul & Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
서울 노원구 상계동 , 경기도 남양주시




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Bulamsan is an approximately 508m high rocky mountain, drawing the border between Junggye-dong & sanggye-dong of nowon-gu and byeolnae-myeon in Namyangju.
The total area is approximately 5,355,396m² and was designated as a city nature park in 1977.
The mountain is named after from the appearance that resembles the image of Buddha wearing songnak (headgear) and also referred to as cheonbosan and piramsan mountains.
The ridge stretches long enough to enjoy the scenery and not too steep to take a brisk walk.
In particular at night, the stunning night view of Seoul unfolds at the top of the mountain

Buramsanseongji mountain fortress rose 420m above sea level and often used as rock climbing places. It also has a various hiking trails and about 10 springs to get fresh mineral water.
Buram Falls are also frequented by ice climbing enthusiasts.



Current Status

City nature park (designated in 1977)

Tour Course Information

* Day Trip course: Gangneung → Bulamsan Herbs Park → Jotbawi rock → Eumbawi rock→ Hakdoam → Baeksamaeul Village → Sandeulme Arboretum → Bulamsa Temple → Deokreung Peak → Wide field

* Najeol-gil road course: Gangneung → The Taeneung Training Center (Korea National Training Center) → Joseon Royal Tombs taereung → Army Museum Hwarangdae Seoul Women's University Museum of History → Hwarangdae History → Gongneungdong Baeksemun Gate → Baeksamaeul Village → Nowongogae Peak → Jemyeongho Lake → Samyukdae University Museum

Available Facilities

Mineral springs, restaurants, shops, etc.



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